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September 30, 2017 | Sjenica
Serbian Summer Biathlon Championship for younger categories (cicibans, pioneers and cadets)

Results of the Serbian Summer Biathlon Championship for younger categories (cicibans, pioneers and cadets)

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Gangwon Province, Korea

Besides weather conditions in the lack of snow in first tree weeks of December 2014. our all time steady and warmed-up biathletes didn't loose down their hungry,competitive spirit and proudly presented our country and Biathlon Union of Serbia at the Annual Youth Winter sports Training camp named The Dream Program 2015., held in Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea, from 25th of January up to 6th of February 2015.

The Winter Sports Training Camp has been aimed to promote friendship among the youths from all over the world, as well as contribute to nurturing young athletes for the PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2018.

Our team consisted of three athletes, the age of youth- Hodžić Omer, Koštrebić Muamer and Vojinović Anastasija has been led by Mirsad Hodžić, the current Chairman of the Sjenica Institute for Sport and Recreation, Marshall arts veteran, as the official.Mirsad is the Sjenica born all time sportsman and sport fan.He led the construction works of the Serbian first Biathlon training and competition stadium named ''Žari''. Helped by the local authorities, municipality of Sjenica, the city authorities of Novi Pazar, supervised by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia,  the Olympic Committee of Serbia,International Biathlon Union and Biathlon Union of Serbia, Mirsad showed great hardship and commitment in building the National Biathlon Center ''Žari''.

Mirsad spirit influenced the rest of the our young Biathlon team, who showed also great hardship and skill during training sessions among the Dream Program 2015.

Otherwise, our team athletes members are also born and raised in Sjenica, multiethnic and multiconfessional town in Serbia we are all proud for. Hodžić Omer (just made the first biathlon steps), Koštrebić Muamer (2nd place winner at the Summer Balkan Regional Biathlon Cup 2014/Category Youth/Sprint 7.5km), Vojinović Anastasija (3rd place winner at the Summer Balkan Regional Biathlon Cup 2014/Category Youth/Sprint 6km) have been already for some time, even they are still teenagers, all well guided and trained in the basic biathlon skills by the expert coach Borislav Pankov through IBU Developing Program ''Balkan Regional Training Camp'' 2014/2015, local coach Almir Džeković, the holder of the Operative coach in biathlon certificate issued by the eminent Sport school in Belgrade  and the participant of the many IBU Coach Development meetings and sessions in the home country Serbia and all around.His contribution to these biathletes development and skill is large.

That is how Hodžić Omer, Koštrebić Muamer and Vojinović Anastasija showed their potential in and during Dream Program 2015.

Shall they keep their ''class'' for Pyeong Chang 2018. we will see.

Important is they are competitive and ready for challenge.

The rest of the goings from Serbian biathlon for Biathlonworld Magazine edition, and some add information as photos from the Dream Program 2015. you may take from our web-page www.biathlon-serbia.org.rs





Biathlon has been an olympic sport since 1960. However, even at the first Olympic Winter Games, held in Chamonix 1924, an event took place in "military patrol" which is, in fact, a precursor of today's biathlon.

Biathlon as a sport has undergone tremendous expansion since 1995. No other sport has ever experienced such growth in popularity. In Germany, it is even ranked second, just behind football. Biathlon has an equally high position in another economically developed country - Norway. Of course, there is also Russia with its growing investments in sports, which is the nation's priority. Increase in popularity led to introduction of more biathlon events in the Olympics, and attendance soared to 30 or 40 thousand spectators. There has even been a race, staged at the Schalke Football Club stadium, which became a traditional one, attended annually by 70 000 people. All of the aforementioned has been a giant magnet for sponsors, so the International Biathlon Union has contracts with many companies, spearheaded by Adidas and Ruhrgas.

The great comeback of biathlon in SRJ, SCG and, eventually, Serbia, began in 2002 with Aleksandar Milenkovic's international debut and participation of the Junior Olympic Team at the Winter Youth Festival in Bled 2003. Milenkovic appeared at the Turin Olympic Winter Games in 2006 and three Serbian competitors took part at the IBU World Cup in the 2006/07 season.


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